Labelexpo 2023: Bobst showcases label innovations and reveals business strategy

Bobst has announced new products for easier label production and strategic alliances to expand their global reach and add value for customers. The company announced new products in line with its industry vision based on four key pillars - connectivity, digitalisation, automation, and sustainability. These include a digital label press and an inkjet module for high-opacity white printing.

13 Sep 2023 | By Noel D'Cunha

Matteo Cardinotti, head of the narrow mid-web printing and converting product line at Bobst, said, “We plan to showcase Bobst's superior solutions for narrow web challenges at Labelexpo Europe 2023. Our technology is designed to combine automation, digitalization, and connectivity with the sustainability-driven needs of the market. Bobst is leading innovation across these four key pillars, simplifying label production and empowering converters to achieve greater possibilities.”

Bobst has achieved a significant milestone by adding over 100 narrow-mid-web presses for labels and packaging to its installed base within the last 12 months. This accomplishment has helped the company reach a global installation of more than 100 digital machines. Furthermore, Bobst remains committed to providing a comprehensive range of presses, including flexo, pure digital, and All-in-One (hybrid) technologies.

In other news, Bobst has formed a strategic partnership with Visutech, which will serve as a distributor for Nordic countries. Visutech's team of over 20 seasoned members will provide local support and sales representation by leveraging their expertise in selling, installing, and servicing digital printing presses. The Bobst narrow-mid-web product portfolio, including flexo, digital, and All-in-One machines, will be represented, and the Visutech Digital Academy will play a significant role in educating the Nordic market on all aspects of Bobst technologies.

Additionally, Asteria Group has entered into a strategic alliance with Bobst, reinforcing their mutual commitment to innovation. The partnership will involve Asteria's investment in multiple Digital Master all-in-one production platforms throughout Europe, facilitating groundbreaking label solutions and mutual growth.

In regards to sustainability, Bobst is proud to showcase their innovative oneECG process for extended colour gamut printing. This process significantly saves electricity, waste, and ink usage. In addition, Bobst has partnered with Avery Dennison to develop a new end-to-end process for linerless applications, utilizing the environmentally friendly ADLinrSave technology.

Bobst is constantly striving for innovation and improvement in their technologies and regulatory compliance. They are set to introduce a new generation of digital UV inks by early 2024, which will eliminate hazardous materials and ensure full compliance with future regulatory changes.

The newly introduced Digital Expert 340 is an incredible roll-to-roll label press that operates at 65 m/min, potentially upgrading to 100 m/min. This press offers the option to incorporate a flexo unit and features Bobst's unique 1200x1200 dpi inkjet cluster technology for optimal performance and versatility.

Bobst has also unveiled a new module that enables high-speed, high-opacity white printing, catering to high-productivity businesses and providing superior quality for the narrow web field. This industry-first innovation further enhances the exceptional printing capabilities of the Digital Master series, with an opacity reaching up to 72% at 100 m/min and 80% at 80 m/min.

Running at the Bobst stand were the Bobst Digital  Master 340 all-in-one press, which combines digital, flexo, embellishment, die-cutting, and quality control modules in one unified workflow; and the Bobst Master M6 flexo press