Labelexpo 2023: Acme launches ATAC 2.0

Ahmedabad, Gujarat-based Acme Rolltech showcased its Acme High Density White (AHDW) anilox which provides the highest opacity as compared to other aniloxes, at Labelexpo Europe 2023, held on 11-14 September. The company also launched ATAC 2.0 at the show.

13 Sep 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

The Acme team at the show

Sandeep Sharma of Achme said, “Apart from providing the regular LPI-BCM anilox rolls and sleeves for the narrow-web label market, we have developed specialised rolls considering the specific market requirements of our customers around the globe.”

He added that the AHDW helps customers achieve the highest opacity of white in a single pass. “With regular aniloxes, customers struggle to achieve the desired opacity and put white on two stations. Our AHDW anilox provides the highest opacity as compared to other aniloxes,” he added.

Sharma said there was a demand from customers, how they can achieve screen-type raised effect through regular flexo process. For this, the company launched the special ATAC roll - ACME TActile during Labelexpo Europe 2019. Sharma said customers really liked the product and in the past four years, the company has sold more than 200 ATAC rolls in the market. 

“With our latest engraving technology, we can achieve still better results as compared to ATAC. So we launched ATAC 2.0 during Labelexp 2023,” he added.

Considering the requirements of new high-end flexo presses, the company launched its ACE- Advanced Channel Engraving technology during Labelexpo India 2022. The samples of ATAC 2.0, AHDW and ACE engraving are available at the show. 

“The market today is moving towards premiumisation and all brands have segregated their product portfolio accordingly. We are also working in that direction to help our customers achieve exceptional results for their embellishments with the help of our anilox. After the huge success of our ATAC roll and with the help of our latest engraving technology we can achieve still 25-30% better results in our ATAC 2.0 roll. It is going to provide our customers with options to play around where embellishments are in huge demand,” Sharma concluded. 

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