Labelexpo 2022 VisitorSpeak: Amin Kavoosi of Parsian Label

On the third day of Labelexpo 2022, PrintWeek catches up with Amin Kavoosi, managing director, Parsian Label from Islamic Republic of Iran.

12 Nov 2022 | By Kalpak Shah

Amin Kavoosi, managing director, Parsian Label

Kavoosi was spotted at the Weldon stall. He was happy to be able to visit the Labelexpo in India after a long gap. 

His thoughts about the Labelexpo were not dissimilar to that of the other visitors and label converters. Like them, he was looking for innovations and pathbreaking tech which has defined a new age in label printing. He also spoke about how labels have transformed over time and have become a huge industry. 

Speaking about the purpose of his visit, he said that he was looking for different ideas and machinery which will be beneficial for his plans which are in the pipeline. 

He loved the energy and enthusiasm at the Labelexpo 2022.

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