Labelexpo 2022: Erhardt & Leimer promotes automation

During the seventh edition of Labelexpo India 2022, held in India Expo Mart, Greater Noida, from 10 to 13 November, Erhardt & Leimer showcased five products. I D Singh, chief sales officer, Erhardt & Leimer, briefed about the products.

11 Nov 2022 | By Abhay Avadhani

The Erhardt & Leimer stall at the show

One of its products was the Smartscan, which is a 200% inspection system. It has a special illumination concept which inspects the web twice. It has a rear cameras to detect damaged labels, unremoved matrix and a front camera to detect common print defects on the front side. The Smartscan also classifies all the defects to perform evaluations. It has similar functionality such as UV illumination, PDF comparison, code reading and RFID inspection. 

I D Singh, chief sales officer, Erhardt & Leimer said, "This system can be a substitue to larger machines with similar applications and provides high accuracy with the double-sided inspection; which is why we call it a 200% inspection system." He said that it has 100% web monitoring which can be used on printed and unprinted materials, labels and packaging and metallised materials. 

The company also showcased Elscan, which is a web monitoring device used for sophisticated image processing in flexography. It allows the display of the printed images on a moving web with details and colour fidelity. The Elscan features patented dualview technology with its two cameras. The camera consists of a wide-angle lens, which is activated depending on the level of zoom.

Elscan has different types depending on the size of the web. It differs from up to 580-mm operating width to 3,250-mm operating width.

The Elscan camera can detect and inspect things, such as registration, print quality, colour accuracy monitoring, hot or cold films, hologram depiction and die cutting position monitoring.

“The main advantage of this system is that it is flexible with its movements in all directions, provides high speed, accurate inspection with the inbuilt software and it is inline,” said Brijesh Kushwaha of Erhardt & Leimer.

Erhardt & Leimer also showcased Elguider which is an automated web guiding system for flexography. The Elguide and Elscan, both are designed for narrow web operations up to 580-mm operating width.