Labelexpo 2019: SMI Coated Products has new developments

Labelexpo Europe is an exciting event for SMI Coated Products, and at this year’s show, the company will showcase some of the new developments in SMI. These include wash-off labels and repositionable labels.

22 Jul 2019 | By Rahul Kumar

Ajay Mehta, managing director, SMI Coated Products

“We have a vast array of products, over 300 products, and we are constantly adding new products while old products get eased out. We are constantly evolving and presenting new products as new requirements come up,” Ajay Mehta, managing director, SMI Coated Products, said.

Mehta said at Labelexpo Europe, SMI is looks forward to meeting all its friends in the industry and show them the company’s progress and learn from them their new requirements. “It is place where we get to feel the direction the industry is moving towards. New requirements, new technological requirements, new raw materials,” he added.

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