Labelexpo 2018: Yupo Corporation to highlight in-mould labels

Yupo Corporation will highlight its in-mould label solutions at Labelexpo India 2018.

Brand managers and product designers around the world have come to rely on the durability and beauty of labels printed on Yupo IML, claimed the company.

14 Nov 2018 | By Abhishek Muralidharan

And why not? Launched in 2011, the Yupo in-mould labelling solution has been used by many brands, including HUL, Cargill, Dabur, Hersheys, Volvoline, and Pidilite. 

Yupo calls it an ‘innovative green labelling’ solution and says the products are a key to technique decoration that will drive the future packaging trends. The label enhances cost-effective greening of operations. It is available in various grades and can be chosen according to the desired application.    

Yupo said 2018 was a good year for IML and the next two years it will grow at 20%. Some food for the labeller’s thoughts.

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