Labelexpo 2018: Soham highlights consumables for the label industry

At Labelexpo India, Soham Technologies highlighted its range of consumables for the label industry, such as anilox rollers, UV lamps and IR lamps.

22 Nov 2018 | By Abhishek Muralidharan

The company is focusing on refurbishing of anilox rollers and sleeves

Dilip Sawant, chief executive officer, Soham Technologies, said, “Our core focus at this show is on the refurbishing of anilox rollers and sleeves. It is a very cost-effective and viable solution.”

He explained how companies over the years have gathered large amounts of anilox rollers which are damaged or scratched which can be refurbished to make it as good as a new product.

The refurbishing process includes removing of the worn-out layer and replacing it with new plasma three ceramic layers. Sawant gave the example of Skanem, which opted for the service to refurbish more than 70 old and damaged rollers.

“Apart from it being a cost-effective solution, another advantage of refurbishing is the personalised engraving through which the customers can reap benefits, as the previous engravings would be obsolete by now,” Sawant added.

Apart from the lamps and rollers, the other consumables provided by Soham include overprintable cold foils, hot stamping foils, R/Bak cushion, doctor blades and UV cold foil adhesives, among others.

Soham’s green-certified UV lamps are used in Offset, Flexo, offline UV coating machines and in UV screen printing process. The cold-foils come with 3D holographic features.

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