Labelexpo 2018: Holostik combines physical and digital security

At the Labelexpo India 2018 show, Holostik India showcased a wide range of lenses and labels with anti-counterfeiting and decorative features under its theme of ‘New Innovations.’

25 Nov 2018 | By Abhishek Muralidharan

Ritesh Rupramka, director, Holostik India, said, “The more the production, the higher is the increase of duplicity in the market. So, we have to be ready with the anti-counterfeiting solutions and explore into more innovative products.”

It has combined the physical security features of the label such as the holograms to the digital security features such as tracking and tracing through QR codes which direct to Holostik’s SureAssure mobile app.

Dewakar Mahendru, associate vice-president, business solutions, Holostik India, said, “With the help of the mobile app, every individual unit can be tracked to monitor the product’s movement in the entire supply chain with the help of GPS. It also helps in warranty management and in providing the complete information about the product right from its manufacturing details.”

Anand Kumar, senior vice-president, Holostik India, who looks into the physical security such as lens effect and the hologram, said, “These labels are a cost-effective solution and provide good aesthetics, which is vital for premium products. The aesthetics include a 3D effect which is achieved through UV coating on films and UV embossing. The labels are registered and it is difficult to duplicate them.”

UV-embossed film affixed to mono cartons are innovative packaging solutions which not only provide security to the product but also enhance the point of sale visibility.

“We invest a lot in our R&D and we are working on new advancements in technology such as Blockchain, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence, among others,” added Mahendru.

The films are applicable to industry segments such as FMCG, pharma, hardware, automobile and liquor, among others.