Labelexpo 2018: Domino, Multitec sign deal to build a hybrid press

UK-based digital print equipment specialist Domino and India’s premier flexo press manufacturer Multitec have signed a deal under which it will manufacture hybrid press. The hybrid version will be built from scratch, with the Domino cube, the integration model, coming in and Multitec integrating the cube with the flexo units, infeed and outfeed units, and unwind rewind.

25 Nov 2018 | By Noel D'Cunha

Amit Ahuja, managing director at Multitec

The N610i is available in the market in a number of formats. It is operated as a standalone reel-to-reel machine, as an inline finishing solution, and installed as part of the hybrid system globally. Domino has hybrid partners in MPS, Lombardi, CEI and China’s Spande for the presses, as also with ABG for its finishing unit.

Philip Easton, director, Domino Digital Printing Solutions, said, “In India, we were looking to a partner we could work with for the integration of the N610i into a hybrid solution. We looked at a number of alternate companies, and found Multitec the most exciting prospect. We were very impressed by their flexo technology and we are looking to work with Multitec straight after the show, moving into the next stage of development. Very shortly, we will have a working hybrid solution for the Indian market.”

Multitec has over 200 flexo presses installed worldwide.

Amit Ahuja, managing director at Multitec, said, “It was a co-incidence that we both approached each other at the same time. Like Domino did, we too looked at other digital options but found Domino to be the perfect fit.”

He added, “Domino is very flexible in their approach. It’s an open system which works with any kind of machines. There were certain common systems which they use, for example, the control systems which we both use, which I think interfacing the two machines will become easy.”

At the show, Multitec had two eight-colour presses, one with the S1 full servo press and the other an E1 semi-servo press, both of which were sold.

While he was glad to share the sales information, Ahuja was sceptical about the future of flexo press manufacturing scene. “From what I see the next generation will not want to dirty their hands in inks, which strengthens my conviction that this generation or maybe the next, which will buy flexo press, after that I don’t think anybody will buy a narrow web flexo. It will either be a digital or a hybrid kit.”

He concluded, “I am glad that Multitec will be the first company in India to manufacture a hybrid press.”