Labelexpo 2018: Acme to introduce ‘Made in India’ ceramic anilox rollers

Ahmedabad-based Acme Rolltech has built the infrastructure required to manufacture ceramic anilox rollers at its Ahmedabad faciltiy. At Labelexpo India 2018, the company will unveil locally manufactured anilox rollers.

12 Nov 2018 | By Sujith Ail

Acme will be pre-launching its product at Labelexpo India 2018 and will be delivering the product by mid of January 2019. Parag Koradia, director, Acme Rolltech, said, "Acme is India’s first indigenous facility for ceramic Anilox Roller."

The ceramic anilox rollers find applications in a printing process in form of inking rolls, metering rolls, coating rolls for UV, adhesive, lacquer and other special applications.

Parag Koradia, director, Acme Rolltech, said, “The label printing companies require a large number of ceramic anilox rolls and as yet everyone is importing these. We are going to manufacture ceramic anilox rollers locally with state-of-the-art infrastructure, best types of machinery available in the industry, so as to offer quality and result of ceramic anilox rolls at par with the imported ones. The label printers can save on import duties and delivery time. The biggest USP of the product is lesser delivery time and landed price."

“The major advantage of the local availability of ceramic anilox rolls is that the printers can send rolls back for rework as per their new specification and requirements. They can also work with minimum anilox rolls library. Shorter lead time enables better scheduling and implementation on the production floor,” added Koradia.

Tech specs

Hexagon Cell – 50lpi to 1500lpi with cell volume of 45 BCM to 1 BCM respectively

Longhex Cell – 200lpi to 1400lpi with cell volume of 18 BCM to 1.5 BCM

Diamond Cell – 50 LPI to 500lpi with cell volume of 60 BCM to 5 BCM

Tri Helical Cell – 50lpi to 400lpi with cell volume of 55 BCM to 4 BCM


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