Kurz showcases its strength at PrintPack

Kurz India displayed its KPS SX+, which was launched one year back, during PrintPack 2022, which took place on 26-30 May, 2022 in Greater Noida.

06 Jul 2022 | By Rahul Kumar

Ashwani Kumar of Kurz India said though the product is already well-known. He said that the company is about to launch a new version with a 50% thinner polyester carrier film, called KPS Slim (Patent Pending).

“This will not only reduce the amount of used raw materials significantly, but also allow our customers to use longer rolls and hence have a higher machine uptime. And stunningly, all this comes with even an enhanced performance,” Kumar said.

Kurz also showcased its KPW XU, its latest product for cold transfer on labels and plan to develop a slim version. The company also displayed its new MSU series, which has been developed to be able to cope with difficult-to-hot stamp surfaces, such as OPP-laminates and UV-coated and other varnishes papers and card boards.

“Kurz has been involved in high security and commercial security for decades. During this show, we displayed our optical variable devices (OVDs), popularly known as holograms, as well as our digital solutions, which when combined create additional layer of security for our customers.” Kumar added.

In another development, Kurz India has shifted its operations from Mayapuri, Delhi to Noida from 27 December 2021. According to the company, the move was necessary due to a shortage of space at Mayapuri. The new facility at Plot No 5, Sector 90 in Noida has a 5,000-sqm area compared to the earlier 1,800-sqm.

Kumar said, with the company products customers are able to achieve higher yield rates, a higher output and a better utilisation of their capacities. “We have compliance with most of the applicable regulations. Overall, our products have the least environmental impact since we provide the highest grade of sustainability accessible to our industry,” Kumar said.

He added many Indian companies, in segments ranging from tube, packaging, label to the security printing, are using the company products. “Usually, the big and innovative companies utilise our products and machines in order to be able to compete not only locally, but also internationally,” he said.

Kumar said during the pandemic, the company’s sale of equipment was not as much as before, still it managed to get a few installations done. “Fortunately, now, customers are already looking into potential investments again. We can feel that the industry is rebounding with confidence and big machine deals are finally subject to discussions again,” he said.

“The last two years had indeed been challenging, but we have been able to cope well with this challenge. Most of our consumable products, which are our main revenue stream, are applied to essential goods and we were allowed to maintain our deliveries throughout. This achievement happened thanks to the global footprint of our manufacturing facilities as well as our wide network of subsidiaries and sales offices. India has a huge potential of diversification and many of its customers are looking closely into new business areas."

“In this respect, we are looking forward in a positive manner since we will be an integral part of this process due to our innovative range of products and solutions. We are confident that we will be able to show our customers new ways of achieving their plans and grow not only organically, but through innovation and in a sustainable fashion,” he said. He added that the label sector is looking good, but in national and  international context, there is still room for innovation and growth.

Kumar said only thorough planning and constant monitoring of quality can one secure sustained technological leadership. “Market requirements, innovation and product quality are embodied within our product development. The manufacturing quality prescribed in the product documentation must be adhered to reliably. That’s why we regularly validate all processes, from order receipt to  timely delivery. Automatic monitoring and control processes are used wherever possible. All results are logged without omission and in a reproducible manner. These measures serve not only to meet product requirements, but also to improve quality and our processes. We mirror our high standards throughout all production locations around the globe and make sure that our customers are receiving our best product irrespective of the manufacturing location.

Kurz Germany will celebrate its 125th anniversary in 2024 and KURZ India its 25th anniversary this year.

Meanwhile, the company is hosting the Kurz Label Weeks from 20 June to late October, where customers will be able to book an appointment and visit its Headquarter in Germany, where they will be able to witness its latest innovations for the label industry.

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