Kuldip Enterprise goes digital with EFI Pro

Delhi-based sign and display manufacturer Kuldip Enterprise, which provides all types of signage and fabrication solutions to brands and corporates, has invested in an EFI Pro 32r+. The machine was supplied and installed by Arrow Digital.

09 Sep 2022 | By Rahul Kumar

The machine’s advanced LED technology allows printing on those sensitive materials, which becomes a nightmare for other technologies

Harbhajan Singh and Ekamjeet Singh, managing directors of Kuldip Enterprise said, “When we planned to go for a roll-to-roll printer, Arrow was our first choice. We saw the EFI Pro 32r+ at Media Expo and were thrilled by its capabilities, especially the printer’s out-of-box applications.”

They said the machine’s advanced LED technology allows printing on those sensitive materials, which becomes a nightmare for other technologies — five-layer printing, the blockout or the backlit. “These premium applications make you stand out from the crowd in this competitive world. The EFI whites and blacks are non-comparable with other technologies. It adds the additional wow factor to the premium jobs with lucrative margins,” they added.

The company has more than four decades of expertise in the signage industry, and its clientele is associated with it for a long time as it provides them with the comfort of perfection, on-time printing, quality, and reliability.

On its relationship with Arrow Digital, Harbhajan Singh said, “We have been working with Arrow Digital for many years and love the technology they bring to the table. Arrow has a complete solution for all print providers. Moreover, it is backed up by world-class service support, which never lets you face downtimes. We bought the Kongsberg digital finisher just a few months back from them and were happy with the performance and capabilities of the finisher. It has helped us address the bottlenecks faced during production.”

Ekamjeet Singh added, “While going for a roll-to-roll printer, your first expectation is yield capacity. We were astonished by the ink consumption when we printed a few files at the Arrow Demo Center. At that moment, we said, let us go with EFI Pro 32r+.”

Prakash Chopra, VP, sales at Arrow Digital, said, “This 3.2-m wide-format production level LED printer is an economical and versatile solution for any digital printing business offering premium applications. You also get EFI’s seven-picolitre UltraDrop technology imaging for high-definition print quality with the lowest ink consumption. Furthermore, its white ink technology allows you to expand creativity in printing both indoor and outdoor signs and displays. The printer is backed up with a 3M MCS warranty.”

He added that the printer has a series of value-added options, which are field upgradeable as and when needed.