KSK Printings invests in Indus Print ERP

The investment is part of the Malaysia-headquartered company’s ongoing expansion plans.

09 Apr 2021 | By PrintWeek Team

Headquartered in Malaysia, KSK Printings was founded in 1994 with a capital investment of Rs Rs 3,00,000. The company was established by K Sivakumar in an 800sqft shop, located in Penang Island.

According to Sivakumar, KSK’s vision is to provide customer service to its clients and continue to be “the market’s leader in packaging printing”. KSK is also aiming to set up an advanced printing press with new machinery and latest technology, comprising operations from pre-press to post-press to be processed in-house.

Sivakumar says, “An ERP is the best method to better manage the administration and operations throughout the workflow. It improves production planning by speeding up production and eliminates errors and reduces cost."

Hence, Sivakumar opted to install Indus Analytics’ Indus Print ERP solution. The company used to work based on its convenience. However, after the investment, the company realised its various areas that needed improvement. Now, the workflow of the press is managed by the Indus Print ERP.

“Parmeshwar Patidar of Indus Analytics was first introduced to us by K Selvakumar, director of Lovely Offset Sivakasi,” says Sivakumar. “We have seen other ERP demos, but found Indus Print ERP to be way better than its competitors because of the wide array of features and continuous upgrades.”

Sivakumar further elaborated, “The Indus Print software has an AI-based cost estimation, which is very impressive, with various cost and operation calculations from pre-press estimations, post-service calculations, android-based applications, and many more.”

Furthermore, he described that the pandemic played an important role in the company opting to standardise its operations. “We realised we needed a good management system to better manage our workflow and management and Indus Print was our choice after watching many ERP demos from multiple tech companies,” he concluded.

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