Kromodyne set to disrupt print embellishment with its Kaleido brand embellishments

Making its debut at Pamex, Kromodyne Digital Solutions, along with Indiacot, introduced its range of post-printing machines for value additions on print under a new brand, Kaleido, which the company said has notched 95 installations since it was launched 18 months ago.

10 Feb 2024 | By Noel D'Cunha

Santosh Nair, director at Kromodyne

Kaleido is a joint effort of two companies, Kromodyne Digital Solutions and Indiacot.

Santosh Nair, director at Kromodyne, said, “The two companies are combining the synergies to launch the brand – Kaleido." He added, “Kaleido series will be marketed by Kromodyne and powered by Indiacot. We have an R&D centre and an experience centre in Rajkot, and a plan for a demo centre is underway.

Digital Print platforms have limitations regarding finishing or embellishment. They can’t go beyond printing a sheet. Meanwhile, the super-expensive embellishment platforms have its own set of challenges. “Kaliedo will take over from that point onwards,” said Nair.

Kaleido has analogue as well as digital machines in its portfolio. The Analogue kit has screen printing and curing units and is available in two versions, semi-automatic and automatic. The semi-automatic machine, which was seen running at the Pamex show, has a speed of up to 800 sheets per hour, while the automatic machine can produce 2,500 sheets with cast and cure per hour. Both the machines are industrial production machines.

Kaleido series production digital embellishments come in B2 size with a variation of 3-, 5- and 8-head assembly. Primarily takes care of varnish and in-line foiling and cast and cure. “While our entry-level digital embellishments platform comes in 2x3-feet with camera capabilities ideally for photo album segment and all other digital print platforms

The semi-automatic machine for 28 by 40 is priced at around Rs 45-lakh, while the automatic is double the cost. The Kaleido digital unit price ranges from Rs. 1.50-crore to Rs 2-crore, depending on the number of print heads and features. Nair informed that the company will very soon launch the Kaleido Smart series, which is a combination of digital and analogue to ensure both productivity and production cost.

Most of the 95 Kaleido presses installed are semi-automatic versions. However, one automatic analogue machine is installed at Maa Print in Bengaluru, and the second has been installed in Print well Rajkot. There are two installations in GCC countries; the latest one is in Armenia. Kromodyne has also installed one Kaleido B2 size digital machine at Ads Posters in Rajkot, primarily a poster manufacturer for large volumes.

“The semi-automatic machine is ideal for the small and medium scale industry where the runs are 500 to 700 sheets per design. Basically, small-size packaging and exotic product lines. The automatic machines are ideal where the volume is large,” explained Nair.

Consumables like varnish and foils can be sourced from the open market depending on the type of work one wants to do. Kromodyne provides a laundry list of recommendations for sourcing. “If the customer wants to buy it from us, that's also fine,” said Nair.

Going forward, Kromodyne is working with a few manufacturers of varnish and foil to make the print-embellished products more sustainable. “Sooner or later, it will become imperative to make print green, and we know that, hence, our endeavour is to look forward and be prepared,” said Nair

He concluded, “Finally, a great Pamex show, which was our first show showcasing our product line, and we have crossed the 100 mark with Pamex. We will remember this event as a milestone.”

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