Konica Minolta installs three C6085 kits in Kanpur

Konica Minolta India recently sold three Konica Minolta C6085 kits in Kanpur. The investments were made by Meena Offset, Om Calendar & Cards and The Printing World.

02 Feb 2018 | By Dibyajyoti Sarma

According to Nawaz Khan of Meena Offset, Konica Minolta C6085 is one of the best machines in this product segment. “Keeping the entire machine in mind, we found this machine to meet all our expectations in terms of product reliability, service support and many other platforms,” he said.

Virendra Arya of Om Calendar & Cards said the C6085 is one of the best machines in this product segment. “Going forward, there is no competitive product in the market which could deliver such a heavy production, banner printing up to 51-inches and support 400gsm paper without compromising on throughput.” He said.

Rajesh Vishwakarma of The Printing World said, “Considering our experience with Konica Minolta machines in the past and their excellent support services, we decided to continue the business relation for future years as well.”

The machine at Meena Offset was installed on 1 January 2018. “So far, this is our first experience in digital machines and we have found good response from the market,” Khan said.

Meena is one of the oldest flex printing providers in Kanpur, with two flex machine in its premises. Established in 2005, it has more than 12 years experience in printing business.

Khan said, following the installation of the Konica Minolta kit, since it’s the company’s first foray into digital, the short-term plan is to print around 1.5 lakh prints per month. “Production depends on the market demand, which keeps changing. With such advance features as banner printing and the ability to print upto 400gsm, we are hoping to penetrate other segments which will help us to grow our business substantially,” he added.

Khan concluded that if it finds good results in digital printing, the company will surely add some more digital printing machines in future.

The Konica Minolta C6085 was installed at Om Calendar & Cards in December 2017. Previously, the company was using Konica Minolta C1060. Founded by Virendra Arya in 2011, Om is a top player in wedding cards and calendar in Kanpur area.

With the new machine, the company now hopes to print 75,000 to 1 lakh prints per month.  

“We are looking forward to more attractive deals from Konica Minolta with the new demand in technology as well as from the printing market in Kanpur,” Arya concluded.

The machine was installed at The Printing World in December 2017. Previously, the company was using Konica Minolta C6000.

“We have a complete set of binding, lamination, cutting machines. We also have solvent machines and offset printing machines where we provide all type of printing solutions to customers,” Vishwakarma said.

The Printing World is a top player in commercial printing in Kanpur. Established in 2007, the company started with one personal computer. Today, called TPW digi Press, Vishwakarma said his business is growing by the day. “Quality commitment and fast service are our main features. We are one of the most popular printing presses in Kanpur, offering services in printing, publishing, packaging, advertising and so on,” he added.