Konica Minolta’s educo ERP creates a buzz at DIDAC Summit 2016

Konica Minolta made its presence felt during the world DIDAC Summit held in Bengaluru from 28 to 30 September 2016, with its latest education solution educo ERP. The three day event provided a platform to showcase the latest trends and technology used by institutions internationally in the fast changing world of education and network.

21 Oct 2016 | By Dibyajyoti Sarma

DIDAC India is the country’s only event for educational supplies, training, technology and didactic material where education and training professionals from all parts of the globe can see, evaluate and purchase a comprehensive range of educational and training products and services.

At the show, Konica Minolta received around 400 visitors during the show. According to the company, the visitors were intrigued by the technology and the concept. The company also received streamlined commitments for investing in the software and channel partnership.

Balakrishnan, EGM Konica Minolta India, said, “DIDAC proved to be as a great platform to showcase our new product and to learn about what other players are doing in the market. Konica Minolta has come out as a new ERP solution provider and we think we are making a great presence in the market.”

The cloud-based educo ERP boasts innovative technology for smooth transmission of knowledge.

“The ERP will, for sure, create an educational ecosystem which will engage teachers, students, parents, and administrators in a more efficient manner. We have started tying-up with many schools in the country and looking for more future prospects,” he added.

The educo ERP provides access to information anywhere anytime on any device to administrators, teachers, students and parents. It supports multiple languages for its user-friendly interface that can be used by anyone easily. It is based on user-centric approach where it provides more control, more choices and more flexibility to its users.