Komori India to host series of packaging seminars

Komori India has scheduled a series of packaging seminars to be organised in select cities. To be conducted by experts from Komori Japan, along with Komori India team, the objective of the seminar is to showcase the potential of Komori packaging presses to bring solution-based packaging rather than standard box pushing.

13 May 2019 | By Rahul Kumar

The seminar series will kick-off in Delhi on 25 May, followed by Ahmadabad (27 May); Surat (29 May); Vasai (30 May); Bengaluru (3 June), Hyderabad (5 June); Guwahati (7 June) and Kolkata (8 June).

“The seminar will also discuss the problems the customers face during their busy production planning and executions. Also, often customers wish to produce certain types of cartons and do not have a solution. The seminar will discuss the solutions,” Sangam Khanna of Komori said.

The seminar will also showcase how Komori packaging presses can deliver exceptional print quality, flexibility while balancing technical fluency with high standard of productivity and ease of operation.

“Focus on HUV needs, coating on press with IR and which technology in press can give customers long-term return will be the top priority in the seminar,” Khanna added.

Lithrone G40 and Lithrone G37 are Komori’s flagship packaging presses.

“We strongly feel the need to bridge the gap between the customer and technology. So we want to reach out to every potential customer who is facing challenges in terms of effective use of technology in increasing productivity, revenue without hampering quality and value addition,” Khanna said.

In the seminar, the expert team from Komori Japan will answer the pain areas of customers and how Komori can help them grow their business. It will also give the customers a clear idea on the areas they need to improve and why Komori can answer their packaging solutions.

Satoshi Mochida, representative director and president of Komori Group, said, “We want to show our strong presence in the market in terms of reaching out to the entire potential packaging customers as we have proven globally. Through the packaging seminar, we are sending the message to our customers that we believe in solution-based approach”

Interested parties can register for the seminar at www.komori.in/packaging-seminar/