Komori India opens PDC calibration centre in Mumbai

Komori India has announced the establishment of a PDC calibration centre in Mumbai.

18 Dec 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

(l-r) Abhinav Gupta of Globe Print and Pack with Amitabh Jha, Rajendra Shetty, and Yuichi Nakamura of Komori India

Amitabh Jha, general manager, services, Komori India, said, “We are happy to share that Komori India has opened a calibration centre in Mumbai to provide calibration services to Komori users in India and the neighbouring countries. We have full support from our calibration equipment partner Techkon from Germany.”

He added that the fully equipped calibration centre will help reduce the hassles of the printers who are producing quality print jobs and want to produce it continuously. “Earlier, it was tough because the calibration equipment needed to travel to Germany for calibration. First, it took a long time and second, it was an expensive affair,” he said.

The calibration centre is capable of calibrating SG and SX versions of PDC. The calibration certificate is valid for a year and after a year, recalibration is required. However, many printers don’t opt for it because of multiple hassles, especially overseas involvement. 

Jha said today print buyers ask print service providers for authentication. They want to see the certificate to check the consistency. Thus, demand is picking up for calibration. Printers used to use and still using calibrated equipment after the certification expired. The print quality may be the same but no authenticity.

“We purchased all the essential equipment for calibration and trained our engineers accordingly. Now, Komori India is authorised to release the calibration certificates. This certificate assures them whatever are being printed is up to the mark and they can show the certificate to their customers. These are the two major benefits,” Jha explained.

Jha said the company has also introduced factory-level support in India to cater to its increasing customer base in the country. Komori India has a full-time Japanese engineer stationed in India to support a team of 52 after-sales service engineers. The support is available onsite and offsite. The Japanese engineer Abe Takahiro has work experience of more than 23 years. 

“We are the only printing presses manufacturer providing factory-level support,” Jha said.

He added, “For technical skill transfer, we have time-bound training scheduled. Now, our training is reoccurring, not once in a while. We are trying to improve our after-sales service quality and capacity to come up to the expectations of the customers. We are working to minimise the time between the breakdown and restart of the machine as much as possible. We are trying to make it negligible. Right now, it is four hours but it depends on multiple factors. We have replaced our service engineers to cater to the zonal customer immediately.”

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