Komori India celebrates its sixth anniversary

Komori India, a subsidiary of Tokyo-headquartered Komori Corporation, celebrated its sixth anniversary on 24 June 2024 at Faridabad (Delhi-NCR). The event to highlight the company’s celebration of six years of growth and achievements in the country was graced by Satoshi Mochida, president & CEO, Komori Corporation, with the presence of a host of fervent clients from all over the country.

10 Jul 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

Team Komori India

Since its presence as an independent subsidiary in 2018, Komori India has been continuously dedicated to providing cost-effective machines and services in accordance with what its clients want. “It’s great to be part of the team Komori India. The Indian printing industry is growing rapidly as it achieved 40% growth over the last couple of years,” Jun Sudo, president, Komori India, said.

Over the development of its business in the Indian market, Komori India has roped in around 700 clients. A strong and dedicated team of 76 professionals, including a squad of well-trained and highly-qualified service engineers is the vigour behind the company’s achievements. “Komori India is now achieving more than what was expected from our headquarters in Tokyo,” Sudo said.

He added, “What we plan is to make the team Komori India rather stronger. We persistently provide them with rigorous training and educational programmes conducted at our major plants and graphic technology centres. This is how we set strategies to gain growth and expansion in India with newer approaches, machines, and solutions.”

With the celebrations of the sixth anniversary of growth and achievements, Sudo delivers a goodwill message to its customers in particular and everyone as a whole in the industry in India, “Komori India is looking ahead to grow in the market with all of you. We continue to find ways to serve you all with world-class services and technologies.”

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