Komori Open House in Ludhiana

Coinciding with the installation of a Komori kit at Foil Printers, Komori organised an open house in Ludhiana on 1 February 2018. Around 150 printers from the city attended the event.

07 Feb 2018 | By Rahul Kumar

During the event, Sangam Khanna president and managing director, Insight Communication & Print Solution talked about the spectrum of Komori, from entry level four-colour printing press Enthrone to Lithrone G/GX series for packaging printing to digital inkjet solution Impremia, along with software solutions. He also showcased the possibility of special printing presses in printing special jobs.

“We have installed more than 335 Komori printing presses in the last decade. Thus, we see a demand for new printing presses compared to pre-owned. The reasons may vary but there is a definite change in the mind-set of printers in the country,” Khanna said, adding that he was happy to see printers in a city like Ludhiana going for new printing presses.

Sangam Khanna during the Open House

Beside the installation at Foil, Komori will install a new press in Penguin Packages soon. Khanna said, while due to the recent steps were taken by the government (demonetisation and implementation of GST), business was down for a while, but the market is now stable and the company expects to see better business this year.

Akihiro Komori, deputy general manager, Komori Corporation, Japan, said, “We see global trends in India. As per our study, packaging printing will continue to grow from 18 to 20% and commercial and books printing are also growing at the rate of 18% per annum in India. The trend from printed copies to digital is also reversed in the USA and it is positive for the industry.”

Komori added that as 2018 is the IGAS year, Komori will showcase its best technology and innovation during the show. “We will show our better technology compared to the last edition of IGAS,” said Komori.

Hirofumi Hoshino, leader, India Project, Komori, talked about Kaizen in the pressroom and how a printer can turn his machine into a goldmine if he chooses to follow the ‘Five S’ formula.

Kamal Chopra of Foil Printers said, “I wanted Komori to organise such kind of event in the city. We have to be ready to accept the changes along with adoption of latest technology. Kodak is the best example to learn the things. The US-based giant had 170,000 employees once upon the time and manufactured photo paper but it is no longer in use, and went to insolvency.”