Komori celebrates its 100th anniversary

This year, the Japanese giant Komori Corporation completes 100 years of its existence. The company was founded on 20 October 1923. To commemorate the occasion with its customers in India, Komori India, a subsidiary of Komori Japan, organised a get-together in Delhi on 19 July. The event was attended by more than 100 people from the industry.

04 Aug 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

Santoshi Mochida of Komori Corporation with Narendra Paruchari of Pragati Group during the event

Komori India has achieved a major market share in the Indian offset packaging and printing market and installed more than 400 brand-new printing presses.

According to the company, for many years now, it has been enjoying more than 50% market share, and recently the packaging segment of the company’s market share increased from 55% in 2015 to 66% in 2022-23. This, according to the company, is due to Komori’s direct presence in India, reliable sales service, affordable service, nationwide presence and over 95% service satisfaction from the customers.

Santoshi Mochida from Komori Corporation, said, “We are thankful to the Indian packaging and printing industry for their love, support and acceptance without their support it couldn’t happen. We are growing well and selling more machines and our customer base is increasing rapidly.”

He added, “We are happy to share that commercial, packaging, security printers and other packaging and printing companies are using our presses. We are happy to see that people who have started with Komori machines are growing with them. We always follow our philosophy Kando-Beyond Expectations, whether it is our offerings, after-sales services, handholding of the customers and other helps. Our after-sales service team works tirelessly so that the print production of our customers isn’t hampered. Our sales team is stable and doing a fantastic job. We expect the same love and support in future to serve the industry better.”

Narendra Paruchari from Pragati Group, who was the chief guest of the event, said, “We have been associated with Komori for the last 35 years and the association is going strong. Most of our printing presses are from Komori. Even our first printing press was inaugurated on 20 October, which is Komori Day. I would like to congratulate team Komori from the packaging and printing industry and wish them all the luck.”

Ashwani Gulati, founder, Advantage Offset, said, “We are happy to see Komori’s journey in India. The printing presses from Komori are so fantastic that we have bought four printing presses in the last few years, three have been installed and a fourth will be installed soon.”

In the last 100 years, the company has overcome numerous challenges and transitional periods along with its customers, including its founding right after the Great Kanto Earthquake, the destruction of the factory during the war, the long, chaotic post-war reconstruction period, the oil crisis, and the Lehman Shock. Through these adversities, Komori has grown and established its current foundation.

Fifty days after the Great Kanto Earthquake, on October 20, 1923, Komori started its journey when the Komori brothers, Zenshichi and Yoshikazu, established Komori Machine Works to repair and rebuild damaged printing machinery. In 1925, the company successfully completed a lithographic roll printing press, and the following year, it began developing offset printing machines. In 1928, the company developed its first offset model, a 32-inch manual sheetfed offset press. In 1930, Komori developed a fully automatic large-size offset printing press and delivered it to a major printing company.

Jitender Rohilla & Surajit Kundu named new sales head of Komori India

Komori India has given responsibility for sales of Komori products to Jitender Rohilla for national sales and Surajit Kundu for international sales. The position became vacant after the retirement of Sangam Khanna, the former deputy managing director, Komori India.

Jitender Rohilla joined the business in 2007 after completing his BTech from Guru Jambeshwar University, Hissar. After completing his engineering in printing, he worked for a year in Ajanta Packaging and later on joined Insight Print Communications, which used to represent Komori before the company established its own subsidiary in India.

Rohilla said, “I am happy and thankful to the management of Komori India for giving me the responsibility. My 16-year association with the Japanese giant has taught me a lot. It has also me the full freedom to implement my ideas. I am thankful to our team who brought Komori to such a successful height. I will try my best to keep and increase the momentum, and to bring Komori India to new heights. I am thankful to Sangam Khanna for his handholding, and guidance. He was like a father figure for us.”

Surajit Kundu, who is responsible for international business, said, “Our team has worked hard and the increased installation of printing presses is a solid result of our efforts. We will put our heart and soul to maintain and grow the pace.”

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