Komori calendar wins bronze in Japan

Komori received a bronze in the calendars category of the 2021 Japan BtoB Advertising Awards, sponsored by the BtoB Advertising Association Japan. The Japan BtoB Advertising Awards (which includes 13 categories) is the only BtoB advertising competition in Japan, and has been held by the BtoB Advertising Association Japan since 1980. This year's win was in the calendars category.

11 Jun 2021 | By Rahul Kumar

As a manufacturer of printing presses, paper-based media such as the Komori Corporation 2021 Calendar plays an important role in the company's branding.

Together with Toppan Printing, responsible for production of the calendar, Komori aims for increasingly sophisticated planning and creation, and as advertising media for use in its communication with customers, values the prize as recognition of its total printing technologies.

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