Kodak takes Prinergy to the cloud

Kodak has announced that its 20-year-old Kodak Prinergy Workflow would now be cloud-based with the launch of Prinergy Virtual Machine Environment (VME) with Managed Services. According to the company, this move represents a decisive step into the future by Kodak.

21 Nov 2019 | By Aultrin Vijay

Caption: (L-R) Jim Continenza, Kodak; William Schuring, Wilco Printing & Binding; and Todd Bigger, Kodak

The Prinergy workflow solutions have been used for commercial, publishing and packaging printer’s production activities with its automation, integration capacity, and connectivity.

With Prinergy VME, each customer’s virtualised Prinergy software would be hosted and managed by Kodak, backed by Microsoft Azure’s USD 1-bn investment in R&D. Through the Managed Services, Kodak will assume responsibility for system administration, 24-hour security and monitoring, upgrades, and problem resolution.

Kodak claims that the cloud-based Prinergy VME would help critical pre-press software run at optimal levels 24x7. Additionally, Kodak will also assume responsibility of the system in its care; data backups would be distributed across several data centres, which provide security, disaster recovery, and business continuity.

According to the firm, for customers would no longer require operating, managing and maintaining any local servers on their premise, which lowers the total cost of ownership.

A press note shared with PrintWeek said, “After a successful pilot test programme in North America, we already have a number of customers live in production using Kodak Prinergy VME with Managed Services.” 

The first European Kodak customer to implement and use this solution is Netherlands-based Wilco Printing & Binding. William Schuring, chief operating officer at Wilco, said, “Working in the cloud is the future. When it was time to replace our existing server infrastructure, Kodak proposed we switch to Prinergy VME with Managed Services. We have an excellent, long standing partnership with Kodak and utilising Prinergy VME with Managed Services gives us unprecedented data security and a much better ROI compared to an on premises server environment.”

“Prinergy VME with Managed Services is industry-first innovation that combines cloud technology with our Managed Services under a subscription model. This product offering marks the future for all prepress and print workflow software platforms,” said Todd Bigger, president, Kodak Software Division and vice president, Eastman Kodak Company. “This one-of-a kind solution guarantees reliability and optimised performance, protecting customers against cyber attacks with maximum flexibility to adapt as the marketplace changes.”

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