Kodak, Microsoft collaborate for Prinergy On Demand

Kodak has announced expanded collaboration with Microsoft, PrintVis and VPress to add more features to the existing Prinergy On Demand Business Solutions, and provide advanced business solutions for the printing industry.

18 Dec 2020 | By Aultrin Vijay

Todd Bigger, vice president, Print, Kodak

Kodak has collaborated with leading software providers including Microsoft, PrintVis and VPress to create one of the first and only comprehensive software solutions for all applications and printers of any size.

Kodak’s Prinergy On Demand Business Solutions, which is hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform, is said to provide scalable, automated, end-to-end solutions that cover requirements from order to cash and procurement to pay. "These new solutions help printers manage their entire business processes conveniently, smoothly and efficiently, eliminating the complexity and costs of integrating, updating and maintaining numerous standalone software products from different suppliers," a press note shared with PrintWeek stated.

Prinergy On Demand Business Solutions combine full-featured Office, CRM, ERP and MIS functionality with collaboration solutions, web-to-print and the Prinergy On Demand production workflow in a single fully-integrated cloud-based solutions platform. According to Kodak, the Azure platform provides security and the highest levels of availability.

Kodak has also enhanced the software with industry-specific analytics and AI capabilities, and takes care of integration, IT administration and ongoing maintenance through real-time Managed Services. The print-specific ERP/MIS component based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central came from PrintVis while VPress contributed advanced web-to-print, eCommerce storefront and VDP authoring functionality.

“Kodak’s Prinergy On Demand Business Solutions bring the convenience and cost effectiveness of fully-integrated, subscription-based software solutions to the printing industry,” commented Todd Bigger, vice president, Print, Kodak. “Printers get the peace of mind of seamless, automated, print-specific solutions without the finger-pointing, complexity and hidden costs of having to integrate products from different vendors.”

Meanwhile, Cecilia Flombaum, ecosystem lead for Microsoft business applications at Microsoft said, “Delivering operational flexibility, actionable insights, and streamlined workflows, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central helps Kodak provide solutions that allow customers to focus more on their own customers and less on managing software and servers.”

“We are excited to work with Kodak as a new PrintVis Partner. PrintVis’ overall market presence will be strengthened with Kodak’s strong reputation and expertise in the print industry,” said Kasper Tomshøj, chief executive officer, PrintVis. “Together we are able to deliver a full array of print-specific software for customers on a global scale.”

Key features of Prinergy On Demand

  • Combines full-featured Office, CRM, ERP and MIS functionality with collaboration solutions, e-commerce, web-to-print and the Prinergy On Demand production workflow in a fully integrated cloud-based model hosted on Microsoft’s Azure.
  • End-to-end (SaaS) offering with full integration, management and ongoing support from Kodak.
  • Real-time analytics and AI for just-in-time decision making.
  • Security with redundant backup on Microsoft Azure platform.

Customer benefits

  • Provides full visibility of business processes from sales to invoicing with integrated solutions so printers have accurate information to drive profitable decision making.
  • Entire system from estimating to invoicing is unified, managed and supported by Kodak.
  • Faster implementation and less disruption with Kodak’s packaged, best practice deployments.
  • Eliminates need for capital outlay and the ongoing cost and hassle to maintain and monitor the software infrastructure.
  • Protects against cyber-attacks through secure, redundant and real-time security monitoring for peace of mind and uninterrupted operation.
  • All Prinergy On Demand Cloud Services are sold as a subscription and scalable to ever-changing needs, so customers can pay for only what they need.
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