Kochi's Future gets ICC membership

Future Schoolz informed PrintWeek's Aultrin Vijay that it has been inducted by International Color Consortium (ICC) as an honorary member.

21 Oct 2020 | By Aultrin Vijay

Kulakkada Pradeep, CEO, Future Schoolz

Kochi-based Future Schoolz told PrintWeek that it became the first company from India to get an honorary membership in ICC, which is an apex body governing the standards in colour management. The firm has also been selected to some of the sub-committees of ICC.

Speaking to this correspondent, Kulakkada Pradeep, CEO of Future Schoolz said, “We are happy that we could take up India-specific colour profile related matters to ICC, which was a long-pending need of the Indian print industry.”

K Pradeep said, “We became the first company from India to get a membership in ICC. We regard this as an encouraging recognition to our commitment towards industry and our efforts to upgrade technology standards within the print and packaging segment.”

In the recent past, Future Schoolz has also been associated with associations such as Ghent Working Group, CIP4 consortium, and Active and Intelligent Packaging Industries Association (AIPIA).

“We are humbled to do more for the industry, and we will be taking up India-specific colour profiling issues in the sub-committees of ICC. We are keen to contribute to the development and updation of various standards that govern our industry, especially in colour reproduction,” Pradeep said. 

Future Schoolz offers multiple courses in area of printing technology and colour management. The courses are short term, annual and short-term training with practical sessions in shopfloor. Future Schoolz also conducts colour management courses for printing professionals, students and for entrepreneurs to provide them basics of colour, colour models, colour management workflows, standardisation, colour reproduction challenges, and measurements. It is also a knowledge partner for the Kerala Master Printers Association. 

ICC: At a glance

ICC was formed in 1993 by eight vendors in order to create an open, vendor-neutral colour management system which would function across all operating systems and software packages.

The intent of the ICC profile format is to provide a cross-platform device profile format. Device profiles can be used to translate colour data created on one device into another device's native colour space. 

The acceptance of this format by operating system vendors allows end users to transparently move profiles and images with embedded profiles between different operating systems. This permits tremendous flexibility to both users and vendors. For example, it allows users to be sure that their image will retain its colour fidelity when moved between systems and applications. Furthermore, it allows a printer manufacturer to create a single profile for multiple operating systems.