Knam Marketing launches SGS-certified anti-microbial copper film

Amidst circumstances where modern techniques are failing to suppress the current virus outburst, Knam Marketing, an international trader which provides the best recyclables from all over the world to its customers, has launched an SGS-certified anti-microbial copper film.

03 Aug 2020 | By Rahul Kumar

The protective film can act as a shield for surfaces from getting contaminated by bacterial-attacks. Approved by NABL India and the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), the 100% Korean product is ideal for preventing toxic viruses and bacteria from growing and transmitting to humans. It takes only five minutes to detect and deactivate almost 99.9% of the viruses.

As these copper film adhesive sheets are low in maintenance, they do not need replacement for at least two years.

The anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory copper film is self-sterilising, which means it can decontaminate itself without any extra measures.

Amit Goel, founder of Knam Marketing, said, “This rapidly spreading health-crisis demands immediate and effective action. Since copper carries the ability to eliminate bacteria and viruses in a short span, making them undetectable within a few minutes, it is time that we incorporated the use of anti-microbial copper film on various surfaces.”

How the anti-microbial copper film works against the viruses:

Identification: The bacteria identify the copper ion as a nutrient on the surface and absorb it into their cells

Penetration: The absorbed copper ion then penetrates the cell membrane of bacteria, leading to water and essential nutrients loss from the cell

Suction: The absorbed copper ion sucks out all the other essential-for-living elements from the cell, like active and reactive oxygen species

Extinction: With the loss of water, oxygen, and nutrients, the metabolic and respiratory activity of bacteria stops forcing it to die