Klick Digital Press: “The Award has reinstated our customer’s confidence and will act as an enabler in our marketing activities”

Surat-based Klick Digital Press is the joint winner in the category along with Mysuru-based Capital Color Lab. Klick Digital Press, which received a commendation in the same category last year, comes up trumps this year on the strength of its sustained quality work on its HP Indigo 10000. The company invested in the machine earlier this year, becoming the first firm in Gujarat to have the kit, and looks like the investment has paid off. The four samples from Klick together illustrate how beautif

21 Dec 2016 | By Priya Raju

Bhavan Navapara, director, Klick Digital Press

PrintWeek India (PWI): What does the Digital Photo Album Printer of the Year 2016 Award mean to you?
Bhavan Navapara (BN): It is a great feeling and has reinstated our customer’s confidence in us, all over again. It will act as an enabler in our marketing activities and will lead to increase in work.

PWI: What's the one thing about Klick Digital Press that very few people know?
BN: We are the first one in Gujarat to invest in an HP 10000. In addition to this, our shopfloor is equipped with Scodix, which enable value addition. Today, our press can cater to end to end requirements when it comes to photo album printing.

PWI: What advice would you give to a firm that wants to become like Klick Digital Press?
BN: One should focus on quality improvement, improvement in time to market and finally good customer service.


PWI: What's the best compliment you've ever received from a customer?
BN: Customers prefer our services for the quality output we provide. Once the order is placed, we ensure that we deliver on time every time. Our turnaround time is usually a day or two.

PWI: One thing our industry can do to cater to the new opportunities and the new market sectors?
BN: There is a huge scope in the photo book market and with the increase in the DSLR camera users; the amateur photo book market segment has very good potential. One needs to explore and invest in technologies to be ahead of the game.

PWI: What's keeping you busy at Klick Digital Press these days?
BN: We invested in the HP 10000 around eight months ago, and are still understanding and exploring the various capabilities the press has to offer. Also, next of my radar is to tap the amateur market.