KL Bhatia Digitals adds value with AccurioPress

Faridabad-based KL Bhatia Digitals has invested in a Konica Minolta AccurioPress C12000. The machine has been running on the company shopfloor since May 2022.

25 Nov 2022 | By Rahul Kumar

Arun Bhatia, owner of KL Bhatia Digitals

Arun Bhatia, owner of KL Bhatia Digitals, said, “With the assistance of the C12000, we are currently able to meet all the requirements laid down by our clientele. We can print anything in bulk, from posters to magazines, business cards to books, in less time. It gives us a competitive edge over our competitors.”

KL Bhatia Digitals works closely with brands like Kubota, ABB, and several hospitals and healthcare institutes. In addition, the company works on several long-term and short-term government projects.

Bhatia said the company previously had two Konica Minolta machines, but it wasn’t enough for its business model. “We wanted to expand our business and expedite our operations process. So, we invested in the C12000. So far, we are more than satisfied with the machine’s performance as it smoothly handles graphics in both 400-450-gsm and 50-60-gsm sheets. We are thrilled to have installed the C12000. It has made our lives easy and business profitable,” he added.

The company has 10-12 employees and its annual turnover is around Rs 2.5 to 3-crore. 

 “We bring our client’s designs into reality. We can deliver all in less time, whether large or small, embossed, or normal, glossy or matte,” Bhatia said. “We’ve been using Konica Minolta machines for some time now, and the AccurioPress C12000 is the latest addition to the list. Before this, we had Konica machines that produced speeds of 85-ppm and now it has increased to 120-ppm. The C12000 represents our journey and how far we’ve come. We started our business with small machines, and today we have an all-rounder. As we move forward, we hope to add new types of machinery to support our growing needs.”

He added that as the market is growing, there is a need for an all-in-one machine. “Plus, everything aligned well with our expansion plans. So, we invested in our latest Konica Minolta machine. The AccurioPress C12000 delivers excellent speed and printing quality and is loved by all our clients,” Bhatia said.

One of the best features of the machine Bhatia likes is the speed. “It delivers 450-gsm, while other machines give only up to 400-gsm plus the overall production capabilities are much better than other options available in the market,” he said. “Since the speed of the machine is better than its peers, it delivers more high-quality prints in less time. In addition, the industry is pivoting to digital means. Therefore, in the coming years, we will witness more improvement in the segment, whether in terms of the machines or the printing designs.”