Keshoram Manufacturing invests in BHS Steady S Line

Greater Noida-based Keshoram Manufacturing has invested in a fully automatic BHS Steady S Corrugator Line. The corrugator with a working width of 2,200-mm, runs at 230-m/min and can produce up to 8.5-million sqmt corrugated board per month.

14 Jun 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

Vikas Goyal of Keshoram Manufacutring with the BHS corrugator

Vikas Goyal of Keshoram Manufacturing said, “We upgraded our Chinese corrugator with BHS equipment in 2016. Now, it is 90% consisting of BHS units and is running well at another unit Kesho Packaging.  We are happy with BHS and its products. That’s why we went with BHS again for our new greenfield plant, which is operational since February 2023.”

He added, “We choose BHS for its accurate quality and prompt after-sales service. Being capital equipment, after-sales service is the key parameter to be looked upon. BHS fixes minor problems within an hour by online support or the engineer reaches the site the same day in case of urgent support requirements. Now, our team is also trained by the BHS team, so, we don’t call them if there are minor faults. For such a huge investment on corrugator line, we talked with other players too, but BHS trumped them all on the basis of its direct presence and strong service support infrastructure in India and much better after-sale service attitude.”

Goyal said that in the corrugation industry, the competition is fierce, and “corrugator lines are expensive, and require huge investment. So, most companies go with cheap Chinese machines. But if you need good production capacity and quick ROI, you need a BHS machine, and most of the new players can’t afford it,” he said, adding that the company is expecting ROI in the next five years.  

Team BHS India and Keshoram Manufacturing

The corrugator at Keshoram is equipped with peripheral heating (peripheral heated corrugating rolls). The double facer has a unique design of efficient thin hot plates with rollers and shoes on the platetrol system along with sectional lifting feature which helps to produce perfect board quality. 

According to the company, the equipment saves 15-23% on electricity consumption. “Our electricity bill is 13-14 lakh per month in the existing plant (Kesho Packaging) and it is around 10.5 lakh in the new plant (Keshoram Manufacturing) for producing the same amount of board,” Goyal said. 

He added that the automatic quality change (AQC) feature of the machine saves the details of each and every job run on the machine.  

“This corrugator is digital printing-enabled. We have opted for this feature because we see a huge potential for short-run printed boxes which can be delivered with digital printing only. Once we have the demand, we will put in a digital printing engine and start producing short-run multicolour printed boxes. It is an expensive feature but time-saving and cost-saving on wastage, with no inventory for pre-press. We can give even 100 boxes to the customer,” Goyal explained. 

Ajay Bhardwaj, sales head at BHS India, said, “The Steady S Corrugator is successful in the Indian market due to its user-friendly operations and value-added savings in paper, energy and glue.”

Bijendra Sharma, managing Director of BHS India, added, “We are delighted to get the trust in terms of a repeat order from Keshoram. With two advanced BHS corrugators, the vision of Keshoram management is to become a leading player in the industry. We wish them all the success and the best of our services always.”