Kerala's SPCS introduces instalment schemes to promote reading

The Sahitya Pravarthaka Cooperative Society (SPCS), as part of its platinum jubilee celebration, has introduced a new scheme at National Book Stall (NBS) to promote reading.

01 Jul 2020 | By Aultrin Vijay

According to the scheme, books worth Rs 7,500 can be purchased for Rs 5,000 with monthly instalments of Rs 500 per month for 10 months.

Books by other publishers are also available in addition to NBS' books. Additionally, a lottery will be conducted for members who pay before the 15th day of each month during the tenure. The lottery will be conducted two times during the course of the scheme, which will end in March 2021. Five members will be selected through a lucky draw and will be awarded books worth Rs 1,000.

Members of the scheme will have the freedom to select the book of their choice. Membership and payment can be done through any of the branches  

The scheme named Book Instalment Scheme-33 (BIS33), which is in its 33rd edition, was introduced by NBS to promote reading, find more readers, and subsequently benefit the local publishers in selling their books, especially during a crisis like today.

SPCS, from the city of letters
SPCS, which was started in 1945, has by now published over 8,400 titles. Another 5,400 titles have been taken for distribution by the society. It is one of the largest publishing houses in Kerala.

In 1945, 12 writers came together to form and register Sahithya Pravarthaka Cooperative Society in Kottayam, which is also known as Akshara Nagari or 'city of letters'. The main objective of the formation of such a society was to eliminate the difficulties experienced by the writers in getting their books published and above all, stabilising the writer as an earning, self confident member of SPCS.

According to the organisation, over 80% of the known writers in Malayalam are members of SPCS.

State Central Library starts distribution of books

Book distribution will resume on July 1 at the State Central Library in Thiruvananthapuram. However, references, newspapers, magazines, and space for reading will not be available until further notice. The books will be distributed from 10am to 5pm.

The library will be following the state's Covid-19 protocol to distribute the books. In order to avoid congestion, the members will be allotted certain dates to visit the library. For instance, those with digit zero at the end of their membership number can visit the library on Monday, and those with two and three can visit on Tuesday, and so on. However, people from containment zones will not be allowed to enter the library premises.