Kerala's Indot tides over pandemic with innovation

Sushil Kumar of Indot Photobook tells Aultrin Vijay how the company has been weaving the print magic during troubled times

27 Jan 2022 | By Aultrin Vijay

Sushil Kumar during the inauguration of Aurora Expo

When the print industry was still reeling from the pandemic blow, Indot Photobook organised the second edition of its Aurora Expo – a premium wedding photobook and gift exhibition – from 1-8 December 2021 at the Indot office in Marie Drive, Kochi.

"Why such a move?", PrintWeek asked Sushil Kumar, managing partner of Indot. He explains, "As all of us know, the pandemic hit hard almost all sectors, including the printing sector. Few of the players even vanished from the printing segment and some switched to other segments. So, we thought it was Indot's responsibility to rejuvenate the segment with new innovations and creations. Also we wanted to send a message that Indot has invested more in the business to boost the segment.”

Awesome response
The eight-day exhibition, which showcased new products and latest technologies in printing, was inaugurated by photographers Regi Bhaskar and Radhakrishnan Chakyat. Kumar says that Aurora Expo 2021 was a “vivid experience with different insights”. Moreover, “it attracts leads from new business models”, especially during the pandemic situation.

According to Kumar, the response for the show was "awesome", as compared to the previous edition. The exhibition saw many visitors – from business persons to event organisers – from outside Kerala.

Indot’s new creation, a vintage console

Headquartered in Chalakudy, Thrissur in Kerala, Indot has multiple digital print centres in and outside Kerala. The company produces photo albums and photobooks, however, it is known for the out-of-the-box customisations it does on a finished product, such as engravings or gold media with a coating varnish or nine layers of text directly printed on acrylic and leather.

Pandemic and investments
Speaking of investments, Indot has invested in many new technologies at its shop floor. It possesses the latest equipment for creative printing and creative works from the likes of HP, Fujifilm and other supporting machines. "We hope our investment in new technologies will help us to enter other segments such as tourism and educational printing," says Kumar.

On future investments, Kumar says, "Indot always cares about updating technology and researching new product development. So, we will surely be investing further."

This resolution could also be the reason for Indot overcoming the Covid-19 hurdles. When print was affected all over the country, Indot managed to retain its business in its segment with new products, especially its add-on customised photo related products and special customised packages.

Indot’s recent out-of-the-box job was a vintage console – a shelf for keeping nostalgic family and childhood memories and events photobooks.

Now, according to Kumar, the company is focused on centralising its line of production. Apart from that, it is aiming to create a vast platform for online business, which will include premium items for photobooks and attractive gifts.

"Considering the pandemic conditions, 2021 was not bad for us and surely we hope 2022 will be a good profitable year for us," Kumar concludes.

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