Karna of PCRI: “Observing World Packaging Day will encourage youth”

Karna BK, director of PCRI (Packaging clinic and research institute), throws light on the importance of recognising the World Packaging Day on 24 March and how it is celebrated in Hyderabad.

02 Apr 2018 | By Sujith Ail

PCRI conducted the World Packaging Day on 24 March 2018 which witnessed a footfall of over 150 comprising of students of Loyola College, JNGP (Jawaharlal Nehru Government Polytechnic), and PCRI. Industry delegates for the event were from Dr Reddy’s Lab, Avon Polyflex, Vijayneha, Larwen Polyflex, Pansari Group, Corevalue, Ecobliss and faculties from 10 institutions.

According to Karna BK, director of PCRI, "Our lifestyle is changing at a rapid rate and the packaging plays a vital role in every aspect. Packaging is an integral part of daily routine and it cannot be sidelined. By celebrating World Packaging Day, it is an attempt to make lay persons and professionals realise the role packaging plays in daily life."

In early years, IIP (Indian Institute of Packaging) Hyderabad started celebrating the packaging day in 2006. Later, IIP alumni along with the support of associations and connecting the international community through social media platforms made it possible to launch packaging day on a global level as World Packaging Day in 2012.

Why do we celebrate World Packaging Day on 24 March?

Karna said, “The number 24 reflect the total hours of a day. The package is present to serve and protect the product for 24 hours. March means action, and the package is continuously marching for 24 hours in order to protect the product.”  

He believes that packaging is a very dynamic profession; an event such as World Packaging Day will encourage youth to join this profession. 

PCRI in association with packaging clubs organised a workshop a unique workshop on 7Ps of good packaging practices. The 7Ps are the principle, product, people, profession, productivity, progress and planet. 7Ps of packaging was dedicated to the seventh-edition of World Packaging Day.


Other events held were a packaging quiz session, packaging museum show by the students of PCRI and Loyola Academy and the packaging appreciation award of Packaging Club and PCRI for 2017.  

The Maharashtra state government has recently implemented a complete ban on usage of plastic. Responding to this, Karna said, “We must abide by the initiatives taken by the government or whomsoever which leads towards a pollution-free environment. The plastic ban in Maharashtra is a welcome step but wrongfully implemented.”  

He added, “Such hastily implemented ban would result in the closure of more than 10,000 factories contributing to the ever-increasing unemployment rate.”

Karna questions the outcome of this ban by illustrating the rule implemented by Maharashtra government on the implementation of 50 microns plastic carrybag during 2006. He asked, “Was that a flopped mission or successful one? What was the learning from the past?”

“Awareness about plastic usage is paramount. Don’t be against plastics, but against the wrong system. Education towards solid waste management is essential. Good solid waste management practices (GSWMP) may cultivate good results,” Karna concluded.