Kandui joins hands with Okeanos

Mumbai-based manufacturer of masterbatches, Kandui Industries, has collaborated with USA-based startup Okeanos, which manufactures and develops degradable stone-based materials as an alternative to single-use plastics.

05 Feb 2020 | By WhatPackaging? Team

(L-r) Florencio Cuetara and Ashwin Agarwal

The collaboration has led to the inception of Okeanos India, which will begin its operations from its newly established office in Mumbai. The operations will be spearheaded by Kandui Industries' Ashwin Agarwal, who has been named as the president of Okeanos India.

The company has developed a Made from Stone product line, which is made primarily of calcium carbonate combined with a small amount of biodegradable plastic.

Florencio Cuetara, CEO, Okeanos, said, “Having stone available a few kilometers from the plant allows to not only use local stone and labour, but also makes our CO2 footprint minimal. Okeanos India begins with remarkable manufacturing capacity, a large sales team, and many highly educated technicians. We are excited to announce that this venture is spearheaded by Ashwin Agarwal, and we cannot wait to see him lead the change in his country.”

Okeanos' Mumbai office will deal with products such as films, disposable containers, and women and baby hygiene products, among others. The company plans to expand and replace all single-use products in the region in the near future.

In addition, the firm aims to create the calcium carbonate-based products locally and also partner with Indian non-profits, which can educate and raise awareness about plastic pollution through the Okeanos Foundation.

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