Joe Annunciation of Janus at St Gallan after eight years

Joe Annunciation, the founder of Janus International was the first to get a Gallus in 2003 for doing beer labels.

22 Sep 2017 | By Noel D'Cunha

He is visiting Gallus' St Gallen site after eight years. "Lot has changed. Gallus' expansion is tremendous," he said.
Janus has five Gallus machines at its plant in Thane. It was my son, Denver who persuaded him to look at doing the label with a process different from the offset.
"Denver wanted to produce some exciting labels, and after doing his brief research, he found in Gallus a solution that was both affordable and productive," he said. After all, Janus was competing with the likes of PPL. "We still do, but it is more comfortable when you have five lines," quips Denver.
Annunciation added, after the first Gallus, we have continued to invest in a Gallus press every two or three years.
Reminiscing of his initial years, he said, in those days labels was not a big business. "It was low volume, high margin business."
Besides the Gallus presses, Janus also has an HP Indigo.
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