JK Offset bolsters production with its new RMGT 920

Delhi-based JK Offset Graphics has installed a new RMGT 920 four-colour with online coater in July to meet its increased production demand. According to Jinendra Kumar Jain of JK Offset Graphics, the company settled for the RMGT kit as it helps fast delivery of specialised jobs requiring coating, especially coffee table books.

05 Sep 2019 | By Rahul Kumar

(l-r) Jinendra Kumar Jain of JK Offset and Arum Kumar Mondal of Provin Technos

The RMGT 920 is equipped with impression cylinder cleaning function, automatic blanket cleaning device, automatic ink roller cleaning device, RP 920-780MB vision punch with bender and other automatic features.

An alumnus of the Northern Regional Institute of Printing Technology, Allahabad, Jain started JK Offset with a single-colour Dominant printing press in 2000.

“There is a demand for specialised jobs in the market today and we wanted to enter into that market. So, we were looking for a four-colour press with online coater,” Jain explained. JK Offset produces commercial jobs, especially magazines, for government and corporate sectors. 

As for choosing the RMGT, Jain said that many printers in Okhla Industrial Area are using the same press and the feedback has been positive.

He said within days of installation, the company has been printing around one lakh 25x36-inches sheets per day on the machine. And Jain is happy with the investment. “As we are into books and commercial printing, a four-colour printing press is sufficient for us,” he said, adding, “The time for normal four-colour job is over, as most customers today want enhanced printing.”

The pre-press facility of the company produces around 400 printing plates per day to feed 25 printing units, which converts around three and half lakh sheets of different sizes in its round-the-clock operations in 50,000-sqft area of two production facilities.