JD Graphics opts for MGI Jetvarnish

Mumbai-based JD Graphics, a CTP bureau and digital print production house, has installed a MGI Jetvarnish 3D One and a AccurioShine 101, a digital print embellishment equipment.

29 Apr 2022 | By Rahul Kumar

Mohandas family with the new MGI Jetvarnish

JD Graphics is a first-generation family-owned business and is run by Jeevan Mohandas, Druman Mohandas and his son Omkar Mohandas.

Jeevan Mohandas, founder, JD Graphics, said, “Customers need something new, interesting, eye-catching and lucrative. Printing has its own limitations. So, we needed a print embellishment equipment. We have a long connection with Konica Minolta. Therefore, we opted for the MGI.”

Druman Mohandas, co-founder, JD Graphics, said, “Print runs are shrinking by the day. In this, digital is the solution. We have print production engines from Konica Minolta and HP Indigo. The conventional process of the print embellishment is not suitable in the present scenario because of short-run and competition.”

Established in 1984, JD Graphics started with film development, upgraded with scanner and printing plates exposing digitally. It diversified into digital printing in 2007 with a HP Indigo 3050. “We upgraded our HP Indigo with 5600 (CMYK+white) and our existing KM 6000 with 3080,” Druman Mohandas said.

He added, “Our father was also in the printing business. So, we can say that printing runs in our blood. Since the inception, we had in our mind to establish ourselves as a quality print production house. Fortunately, we could do that. Right now, the quality is tested manually but we are planning to implement technology for quality check.”

He said around 25% of the company's production requires spot UV and foiling. However, as print buyers are not aware, the company needs to educate them about digital spot UV and foiling.

Omkar Mohandas said, “Right now, we are supplying printed sheets. But we are working to get the finishing equipment in-house so that we can produce the complete products. Our experience is good with MGI and our work is increasing. We will stick to digital printing technology.”

He has spent seven years in the industry, and now is looking forward to growing. He is responsible for quotation and production. Payments, finance and final decisions are taken care of by Jeevan Mohandas. Druman Mohandas takes care of the plant.

JD Graphics employs 19 people who work in a 12-hour shift in a 2,050-sqft area in Shah and Nahar Industrial Estate in Lower Parel, Mumbai.

The company also produces more than 200 thermal printing plates from its plates exposing centre.