Jayna installs EFI H1625 LED-UV hybrid printer

Mumbai-based Jayna Packaging, which specialises in products from corrugated boards and has expertise in engineering three-dimensional containers and displays, has recently invested in an EFI H1625 LED UV hybrid printer. The machine has been supplied by Arrow Digital.

25 Dec 2020 | By Rahul Kumar

Haresh Mehta, founder and director of Jayna Packaging

“I am excited with the latest addition of EFI H1625,” Haresh Mehta, founder and director of Jayna Packaging, said. “It opens the door for many more applications and stand by our vision of quality and out-of-box offering.”

He also appreciated the company long association with Arrow Digital and their total support to deliver exceptional results.

The EFI H1625 LED UV is a 64-inches wide-format mid-level hybrid production printer designed to maximise image quality with four colours plus two whites; and uptime with simple, automated operational and maintenance features.

With LED technology, the printer is highly cost-effective and able to print on high-value, specialty rigid and flexible substrates. The printer’s LED inks emit low VOCs, and the cool curing on the printer translates into lower running costs, lower air conditioning, and maintenance.

The machine also enables one to produce near-photographic image quality, saturated colours and smooth colour gradations with true eight-level variable drop grayscale print capability to enhance customer satisfaction.

Mehta said the EFI H1625 will help Jayna to expand its offering and customer base with multilayer print capability, greener printing solution and thermoforming ink option.

The machine will empower the company, which has some of the leading brands in their kitty, including Unilever, P&G, Cadbury and Coca-Cola, to offer short-run, customised, sustainable displays and packaging.

“Print is no longer a cosy business. With a cornucopia of technologies and strategies available, it has become a most competitive business and if you don’t adopt new technologies, you will lose the game,” Mehta added.

Founded in the 80s, Jayna Packaging’s solutions communicate the brand message by combining aesthetics, utility in a unique and memorable fashion. Jayna has more than 200 awards to its credit in the field of packaging design display and solution. Mehta himself has won many national and international awards for his contribution in corrugation industry, including Corrustar Award; Harlalka Award, BK Doshi Awards, etc.