Jayna's corrugated medical beds for Covid-19 patients

Mumbai-based Jayna Packaging has introduced a medical bed made from corrugated fibre board to address the shortage of hospital beds.

28 Dec 2020 | By Aultrin Vijay

Haresh Mehta of Jayna Packaging

The number of hospitals and beds needed for Covid-19 patients have been shooting up with the increase in cases being tested positive for the virus. The Centre also said the government is taking vital steps, to the extent of being over-prepared, to combat the deadly virus.

Many hospitals across the nation have reported the need for more hospital beds in order to keep up with the growing number of Covid-19 cases. Keeping this in mind, Haresh Mehta of Jayna Packaging has come up with a recyclable, lightweight and cost-effective solution – a medical bed made of corrugated fiberboard.

According to Mehta, the lightweight bed can withstand up to 300 kgs, and can be assembled easily. The bed can also be sanitised and withstand daily moping. Also, studies show that Covid-19 virus can survive for 12 hours on paper, whereas up to 72 hours on plastic and metal.

Meanwhile, the health ministry announced that it has earmarked over one lakh beds in 601 hospitals across the country even as estimates show only 1,671 beds are required in tertiary care.

Haresh Mehta - The Corrugation Man

Haresh Mehta has a voracious appetite for corrugation. His office is fashioned out of cardboard. And so are the beds, benches, bookshelves, tables, chairs, children’s furniture, toys, coffee cups, lamps, photo frames. All durable, superbly designed and eco-friendly.

In 2016, Jayna Packaging created a Loo Box. This recyclable dry toilet is ideal for elderly and senior citizens at home, as well as road travellers. Haresh Mehta said, “The Loo Box is lightweight, it is foldable, it has an anytime, anywhere usage. And the waste can be disposed in a clean and hygienic manner.”

He had a new vision in 2014. He called it: From cradles to coffins. Again, with corrugated boards. He said, “Corrugated is a material that is both versatile and flexible, and can be recycled over and over again. Plus it can be discarded.”


Other corrugated beds in market

Vapi-based paper mill Aryan Paper Group recently launched a corrugated board-based beds to address the shortage of beds in hospitals. The company said the emergency bed is made from Kraft paper-based corrugated board using high strength paper.

The bed, which weighs around 10 kgs, can be rapidly scaled with an ability to make 10,000 beds per week. It measures 6.5 ft in length, 3 ft in width, and 3 ft high.

Aryan Group said it would be contributing the first 1,000 beds for the Covid-19 fight.


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