Jan Kasten, managing director, PPI Media says goodbye

On 28 February 2019, the current managing director and CTO of PPI Media, Jan Kasten, left the company to take a break from his career. The two shareholders, Hauke Berndt and Manuel Scheyda, remain as managing directors.

27 Feb 2019 | By Dibyajyoti Sarma

Jan Kasten

Kasten joined PPI Media in 2002 and was responsible for research and development, product management and customer service as managing director. In recent years, he was involved in repositioning PPI Media as a technologically leading service company for the digital publishing industry and initiated the transformation toward an agile organisational structure.

The two managing partners, Hauke Berndt and Manuel Scheyda, reacted with regret to Jan Kasten’s decision to leave the company. “How can I put this without making it sound like an empty phrase? Jan has contributed significantly to turning our new developments into a success. He was an excellent helmsman and friend, who is now leaving the ship. I wish him plain sailing for the future and am looking forward to hearing from him again in the future”, said Berndt.

Kasten said, “I did a lot of thinking before coming to the decision to take some time out and withdraw from traditional day-to-day work. It goes without saying that this has not been an easy decision for me as I feel very close to the company, its staff and our customers. But PPI is very well positioned for the future with Hauke and Manuel as managing directors.”

Hauke Berndt and Manuel Scheyda took over the company as part of a management buyout and became joint shareholders with the Kiel-based investor Alexander Eck. The departure of Jan Kasten comes at a time when PPI’s organisational structure continues to be adjusted to market requirements.

The two shareholders Hauke Berndt and Manuel Scheyda take over as the company’s managing directors. While Scheyda will be responsible for the areas of development, product management, support and projects, Berndt will lead the accounts, sales, marketing and administration departments in his role as CEO. Together, the two will be responsible for the business transformation department, which is tasked with continuously developing the company further.