Jain Offset Print: “Proud to be recognised among the packaging biggies”

Surat-based Jain Offset Print receives the Special Jury Award on the strength of its quality samples which feature fine textured effects without the use of any chemical. Plus there is the reflection micro embossing and unusual colour combination like MYK, magenta and black, CMY and spot colours printed on LWC duplex board and ITC Sapphire paper. The company uses TechNova plates to print on Komori and Heidelberg six-colour plus coater printing presses.

20 Dec 2016 | By Priya Raju

Ramesh, Rajendra and Mukesh Jain, partners, Jain Offset Print

PrintWeek India (PWI): What does the Special Jury Award in the Packaging Converter of the Year 2016 category mean to you?
Mukesh Jain (MJ): As this category has been dominated by the biggies in packaging printers and we feel honoured to be selected as the Packaging Convertor of the Year (General ) 2016. It is a big achievement for our firm as well as for printers in Surat.

PWI: What's the one thing about Jain Offset Print that very few people know?
MJ: We continuously try to invest in the latest technologies and in innovative products at best rates. Reflection embossing is one such innovation by us.


PWI: What advice would you give to a firm that wants to become like Jain Offset Print?
MJ: To achieve success one must strive hard, there are no shortcuts. Also, understand your customer needs and update them about the latest innovation and technology from time to time. And yes, ensure to send in the entries for the PrintWeek India Awards every year!

PWI: What's the best compliment you've ever received from a customer?
MJ: When our customers gush about the wide product range we offer along with quality.

PWI: One thing our industry can do to cater to the new opportunities and the new market sectors?
Rajendra Jain (RJ): Today, one has to be innovative and at the same time have a good relationship with the customers. The way you manage your products as per the customer requirements and market trends plays a crucial role. In addition to this, the way you use the technology and offer value added products is important too.

PWI: What's keeping you busy at Jain Offset Print these days?
Ramesh Jain (RJ): These days we are spreading our wings and working towards adding new customers beyond our current business territory.