Interpack and Drupa issue safety statement

The two biggest industry trade fairs, Interpack and Drupa scheduled to take place at Messe Dusseldorf in May and June have a substantial number of Chinese exhibitors and attract a large number of international visitors. As a result, Messe Dusseldorf issued the following statement: "Safety for all employees, customers and guests is a top priority for Messe Düsseldorf. This also applies to the current coronavirus (2019-nCoV), which is currently spreading worldwide."

18 Feb 2020 | By Noel D'Cunha

According to the WHO, the Robert Koch Institute and the German authorities, the risk of infection with this new pathogen in Germany is currently very low.

"Messe Düsseldorf is closely monitoring current developments and is in direct contact with the health authorities. The medical facilities at the Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre have the latest information at all times and are well prepared. There are clearly defined procedures for looking after anyone on the premises of the exhibition centre who suddenly develops symptoms of a serious disease. These procedures were developed and tested at the time of SARS, the Influenza A (H1N1) virus and also EHEC.

Interpack has 299 Chinese exhibitors, behind Germany (584) and Italy (409).

At Drupa, China accounts for the second-largest number of exhibitors with 349, behind Germany with 438. At the last Drupa in 2016 3% of visitors came from China.

The preparations for Interpack 2020 are on in full swing. There are 3,000 exhibitors from approximately 60 countries who will present their solutions at the most significant event for the packaging and associated processing industries from 7 to 13 May 2020. The parallel event for the supplier industry, "components – special trade fair by Interpack" in Hall 18 is also fully booked.

Meanwhile Sun Chemical has spoken of its preparations for handling potential supply chain issues amid the coronavirus outbreak. The printing ink giant said it will continue to monitor its supply chain, including raw material and intermediate suppliers and logistics providers.

Impact of Coronavirus

The new strand of the virus, 2019 Novel Coronavirus, or covid-19, was first identified in Wuhan, China. At the time of writing it is believed to have infected more than 30,000 people and accounted for over more than thousand deaths.

The spread of the virus has had a significant impact on the Chinese economy, with many citizens avoiding activities and areas they believe may expose them to risk of infection, such as shops, restaurants, cinemas and public transport.

Exports have also been affected, with international buyers becoming reluctant to purchase products from China.

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