In-Store Asia 2019: Azure Press focuses on integrating latest technologies

At In-Store Asia 2019, the trade show for retail resources and investments in store design, VM and in-store marketing, Delhi-NCR-based Azure Press highlighted endless possibilities of polycarbonate in the retail market.

20 Mar 2019 | By Sujith Ail

(l) Sarthak and Siddhant Nagpal of Azure Press

Siddhant Nagpal of Azure Press said the company, which was earlier completely dedicated to commercial printing, has now entered into the branding and retail segment. It also has a dedicated facility for packaging wherein the company manufactures mono-cartons and rigid boxes.

Siddhant Nagpal said, “I did an internship with an agency for six months which changed my perspective towards conventional printing and made me realise the opportunities in the retail market.”

Azure’s retail segment started with polycarbonate printing using offset. Later, the company brought in the whole set up of MDF and acrylic, along with the fabrication units.

Sarthak Nagpal of Azure Press said, “The added advantage that Azure possesses is that it has a screen, digital and offset technology within in the same manufacturing unit. Using the combinations, we are able to provide better value-additions to our customers compared to our counterparts.”

Azure has a separate facility with dedicated employees for R&D, where the prototyping and innovations take place. “I give them a budget of every month to brainstorm and test new technologies in the market,” said Siddhant Nagpal. It has also has deployed five designers dedicated to the fabrication design.

The brother-duo stressed that the market has become very competitive, with customers constantly demanding innovation. One of the key challenges is in the implementation of the latest technologies into products, and Azure Press is working on it.

Sarthak Nagpal said, “We are getting requirements like informative display panel on the POP unit so that at the end of the day, our customer gets the data on how many visitors stopped and engaged with the POP unit.”

Azure has been on the growth curve in the retail market and has started working with renowned brands such as P&G, Britannia, Beam Global, HP, and Pepsi. “We are also into rigid box segment, which helps provide a complete solution to customers,” added Sarthak Nagpal. “Azure has three automatic rigid box-making lines manufacturing boxes for the mobile and the liquor industry.”

Types of machines at the facility include two automatic screen printing machines, LED UV digital printer, offset printer, automatic die-cutters, Esko digital cutting machine, CNC routers, powder coating unit, automatic rigid-box making line, case-makers, and among others.