Insta Print Pack set to launch Printzogo

Rajkot-based printer and manufacturer, Insta Print Pack, is set to launch an online custom packaging service named Printzogo by the end of June 2020.

10 Jun 2020 | By Abhishek Muralidharan

The platform aims to help brands to tackle the cost and quantity jobs

“The idea behind Printzogo was to make custom packaging easily available, provide attractive printing options and cater to lower quantity deliveries with cost effectiveness,” said Imran Shekh, co-founder, Insta Print Pack.

“Due to the increase in digitalisation in the country, the need of the hour was to take the custom packaging industry online. Thus, we created a platform similar to the online print service of visiting cards or customised gifts for packaging,” added Viraj Patel of Insta Print Pack.

The platform aims to help brands to tackle the cost and quantity jobs. For instance, the cost differences caused by the run-length criterion in offset and digital printing. In addition, the service also aims to increase the availability of packaging as a service.

According to Patel, another key reason to launch Printzogo was due to recent announcements made by the PM regarding boosting local establishments. “These measures taken by the government along with the new normal caused by Covid-19 will fuel the growth of online procurement practices and also increase the demand for customised solutions within the country,” said  Patel.