Inspackt buys JWEI digital cutting table

Greater Noida-based Inspackt Packaging has recently invested in a JWEI CB03II 2516RM digital cutting table. The machine was supplied and installed by TechNova Imaging Systems.

03 Jan 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

Inspackt Packaging caters to corporates and general retail outlets in Delhi-NCR, Kashmir, Rajasthan, and UP

Yogesh Mehra of Inspackt Packaging said, “During our visit to the PackPlus trade show, we came to know that TechNova is selling JWEI devices. We wanted a reliable partner, and we needed this device. Thus, we purchased the JWEI because TechNova was selling it, and thus we were assured of the services.”

Rahul Dev of Inspackt Packaging added, “The digital cutting table has a multifunctional machine head for cutting, half-cutting, creasing and V-cuts for various packaging and display applications. It has excellent repeatability hence higher preciseness in cutting. The machine comes with a fully automatic process with conveyor system, loading and stacking devices.”

The device can be used for corrugated cartons, rigid boxes, mono cartons, premium stationeries, digital labels, catalogues, warranty cards, garment tags, gift boxes, bakery boxes, sweet boxes, wall stickers, industrial packaging, paper toy furniture and so on.

Established in 2019, Inspackt Packaging started with basic corrugated boxes and entered rigid box-making and digital printing. Today, the company’s 20,000-sqft shopfloor comprises 60 machines including a Ricoh 11-colour machine and the new JWEI CB03. A total of 80 people work in two shifts.

The company caters to corporates and general retail outlets in Delhi-NCR, Kashmir, Rajasthan, and UP.

The CB03 digital cutting table was launched in India in 2017 and first time, it was showcased in Media Expo 22 Mumbai. 

The machine has a head with multiple tools like drag knife, oscillating tool, V-cut tool, kiss-cutting tool and creasing tool, foam cutting tool, router tool and rotary tool for various applications and media requirements.

Mehra and Dev said packaging-on-demand has helped the company grow in the last three years and are looking forward to new technologies and markets. “We are also expanding our work into industrial packaging and furniture packaging. Going beyond conventional packaging applications and exploring niche areas to discover digital packaging possibilities. 

They concluded, “We are satisfied with the device and the overall services. The machine is running smoothly and performing all its operations as promised.”