Inside Optima: Exploring DIC India's plant in Gujarat

In an exclusive interview with PrintWeek, Paul Koek, regional managing director, and Manish Bhatia, managing director India at DIC, shed light on the future of manufacturing and the role of Optima in this journey

28 Jul 2023 | By PrintWeek India

DIC India's manufacturing facility nestled in Saykhya, Gujarat

Ink and coating manufacturing specialist DIC group inaugurated a new toluene-free plant named Optima in Saykha, Gujarat’s Bharuch district. With this facility-launch in March 2023, DIC marked its fifth installation in India. The centre will be able to manufacture over 10,000 tonnes of toluene-free / ketone-free liquid inks.

Paul Koek, MD - Asia Pacific, DIC said, “For DIC, the Indian market is a priority market for DIC group, and this facility will expand the sustainability footprint of DIC India. It will benefit customers, generate employment as well as solidify over 75 years of presence and leadership in India.”

“The new plant will have a training centre, which will be used to train our customer’s representatives and employees,” said Manish Bhatia, MD and CEO - India. “This will enhance partnership with our customers with flexible manufacturing technology.”