Infinity, sister concern of Printsmith wins awards

By 12 Jun 2017

Infinity Advertising Services is engaged in a wide variety of commercial printing. Their product palette includes art books, magazines, coffee table books, brochures, catalogue, diaries, calendars and business cards. The company swept the DAC for creative agencies of SAARC nations awards.

Team Infinity Advertising Services

Vijay Adlakha, director, Infinity Advertising Services said, he was happy and overwhelmed. He chuckled and added, the award left me wanting more. This is mainly because awards means a world to me, they are precious because of the hardwork of his team.

He said, “Awards does motivate my team to work harder but soon after the awards party that is the feeling that comes to their mind, which is natural and great. But I am sure they will work harder to earn more... Like me these awards have whet our appetite.."

PrintWeek India's Rahul Kumar caught up with Adlakha after an international tour and understand what does SAARC nations award meant to him

What would be your perfect print job?
Something that can win my press the highest recognition. 

What is your dream bit of kit?
Dreams are many but right now a mix of innovation and most advanced technology. 

What would you most like to print?
I love printing on specialised materials which are normally not the trend in the market. 

What is the favourite Award you now want to win?
We believe awards are the by-product of your efforts, will keep focusing in innovation, but surely I want to win an award at Cannes and PrintWeek India. This motivates all of us. 

What is your favourite print job you have produced?
Recently we printed a big size coffee table book for the world renowned artists Sanjay Bhattacharya, “Mirror To The World” which was launched by Jaya Bachchan. It required a team to work with lot of precision and I am proud to lead a team like that. 

Which print job (not produced by you) is your favourite?
2D jobs printed on 3D medias or packaging which has 3 D effects. R&D efforts are on for the production by our team. 

What do you admire most in the industry?
It is challenging and I have something new each day. It keeps on my toes so that I can be ahead of times and the curve. 

What is your favourite saying?
Rome was not built in a day, It was actually built every day. 

What is your favourite process on the shopfloor?
TOC (theory of constraints) by Eliyahum Goldratytt and Full Kitting, it ensures the entire team is on the same page at one go. 

Who is your favourite author?
The first name that comes in my mind is of not just one author but authors Rajiv Thareja, Gary W Keller and Jay Papasan. I am reading their book currently. It is called The One thing. And, so for right now they are my favourites. 

RGB or CMYK, or UV …?
LED-UV is the new black in printing. 

What is the most bizarre job you’ve ever done?
Trying to print my friends marriage card. 

What is your greatest ambition as a printer?
That one day wherever you see a print it is produced at Printsmith. Like photocopying is Xerox. 

One job you wish you had not printed?
Marriage posters. 

One comment by your customer which made you glow with pride?
Quality, Quantity, Cost and On-Time is what we love about Printsmith. 

Where would you go if you could time-travel?
Would like to see future and bring that future now… 

One way to inculcate print among the smartphone generation?
VR Content and QR.



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