Industry leaders share knowledge at the MMS RT conference at Alibaug

Manoj Mehta of UT Pack Industries, Saifee Makasarwala of Silverpoint, S Sudhish Rao of Manipal, Anil Namugade of Trigon, Amit Shah of Spectrum, Himanshu Pandey of Avantika Printers, Shailesh Sharma of Inndus and Amit Kanodia of Pioneer Digital shared their thoughts at the Radisson Blu Resort & Spa in Alibaug.

09 Apr 2022 | By Rahul Kumar

Amit Kanodia, the CEO of Pioneer Digital said, "Since we specialise in retail space, a lot of our customers have adopted fabric printing for indoor and outdoor applications, and have to realise their campaigns with our digital printed fabrics round the year." Kanodia added, "Our strength is to deliver end-to-end solutions, our clients have asked to print indoor displays for their pan India stories." These were for more than 200 stores who had their seasonal and promotional campaigns." 

Amit Shah, the managing director of Spectrum Scan said, "The Ralph Lauren Luxury Display for the USA." Shah mentioned how the display was created using sustainable and 100% biodegradable material, replacing MDF, vinyl and plastics.

Meanwhile Anil Namugade, the founder and CEO of Trigon Digipack spoke at length about Godavan - the single malt whiskey label from Diageo.

Himanshu Pandey, the director of Avantika Printers said, "For me it was not a print application. But the last six months I have been asked by my office to set up a different vertical in labels and packaging in the Greater Noida Area. The setup is taking shape and a new team will be stationed at that unit. We will be ready to work by the end of this year."

Manoj Mehta, the chairman of UT Pack Industries said, "It has to be 1965 by Salman Khan." Mehta highlighted the difference between offset and digital. He said, "You see, digital definitely scores; if one can afford it." Mehta explained how the brand demanded a combination wherein offset cartons were considered in budget-centric markets; and digitalised collaterals reigned in other places.

Saifee Makarsarwala of Silverpoint said, "We had to manufacture a gifting box for a large corporate house. The quantity was very large and the challenge was to fabricate the entire box using a cloth with offset and screen printing. The challenges were to get the fabric manufactured, treat it so that it is offset printable and then the various process of punching, box forming with many partitions and compartments. After all the efforts the product was much appreciated by the client and was also well received by their high-profile mailing list."

MMS Round Table 2022: Digital Print Unplugged

Shailesh Sharma, the CEO at Inndus said, "During Covid a lot of companies were not working to their full potential. This meant that they were cutting down on their non-essential print requirements. For us this was a blessing in disguise." Inndus used this opportunity to concentrate on it online B2C webstore -

And finally, Sudhish Rao, the VP R&D at Manipal Technologies Limited (MTL) said, "One of the important projects MTL worked on in the phase of digital book printing is “Book of One Module”, which was important to address the on-demand needs of publishers as well as consumers. Adopting from a traditional process to complete automation was the major challenge."

The MMS Round Table conference was launched in 2016, the first held as a power-lunch round table as part of the Printer’s Day celebration. The theme of the MMS Round Table Conference is: Digital Print Unplugged – Digital 2022 – Thinking Sensibly About Print In An Uncertain World.