Industry insider sets up colour management firm, Delta E

Santhosh KP, who comes with more than 19 years of experience in the printing and packaging industry in colour management instruments and software, has opened a new colour management and pre-press venture, Delta E. Based in Navi Mumbai, Delta E deals with colour management products not just for the printing and packaging industry, but also for paint, plastics and textile segments as well.

08 Apr 2022 | By Rahul Kumar

Santhosh KP, the founder of Delta E

Established in January 2022, the company has five employees, and offers products and services from companies such as, Digital Information, Switzerland; Techkon, USA; Match My Color, Switzerland; Tec4Check, Germany; Myiro, Japan and so on.

The company has already notched two installations of its preset and closed-loop system. The products are installed at Kumbhakonam, Tami lNadu-based Nadar Press, and Madurai, Tamil Nadu-based Ridha Prints.

Santhosh KP comes with a vast experience in pre-press devices profiling and calibration, colour quality, printing ink formulation software, preset and closed-loop software. He also has hands-on experience in print inspection software. In the last 14 years of his career, he was involved in demonstration, installation and after-sales support of the customers across India, Sri Lanka, Nigeria and Dubai. He has also received the UGRA certificate for the Process Standard Offset (PSO) and Pantone certified Printer from Switzerland.

On starting the new venture, Santhosh said, “After 19 years in application support, I thought it would be easier for the customers if I could own a company and supply and support our customers directly. That's how I started Delta E.”

He added, “Also, the customers and the owners I have been working with suggested that I start my venture, and I took it as a positive response.”

Besides Santhosh, Delta E has two application support specialists for different industries and two sales persons, plus two more office and marketing staff.

“We can also take support and reinstallation calls of any auto tracking, preset and closed-loop softwares which comes by default with the used machines imported to India,” he said.

The company has three products from Digital Information, Switzerland — Ink Preset (Cip3 /CIP4) and closed loop softwares for the printing press consoles; Inkzone Move software for the auto tracking Spectrodensitometer; and Inkzone Report for reports of the job as per the Industry standards.

From Techkon, USA, the company has plate reader, densitometer, spectrodensitometer (hand held), Auto Tracking Spectrodensitometer; and Chroma QA for online quality check and approval between print buyers and print converters.

From Match My Color, Switzerland, the company has Colibri ink formulation software; Color Quality software for ink manufacturers and printready customers in the print and packaging industry and QC Software for the industrial segments such as paint, plastics and textile.

From Tec4Check, Germany, the company has Media Check workflow (MCW) software for print inspection at pre-press and QC at press room.Braile Inspection System.

From Myiro, Japan, the company has SpectroPhotometer (Myiro 1) to be used with QC software.

The company also offers 40-inches Scanners from Rowe, Germany and Graphtec, Japan.