Industrial Product Printer of the Year: Spectrum Scan

This is Spectrum Scan’s second Award this year, along with the Screen Printer of the Year Award.

02 Nov 2017 | By PrintWeek India

The run length of the Minute Maid Cart for Coca-Cola India is 14. The concept was provided by the customer but the entire conceptualisation of material, dimension and structural modality like putting dry grass on the shelves to make it look like a fruit cart was done by Spectrum Scan. The job is printed on an HP Latex machine using green ink. Post-press involves mounting of digital print on surface. Pine wood is used for the basic structure and powder-coated MS pipes are used to support the structure. 
The Minute Maid Pulpy Mosambi FSU for Coca-Cola India has a run length of 52. Spectrum designs the unit showcasing a mosambi tree with images of fruits and dispensers for bottles. The base, resembling a tree-trunk, can hold 21 bottles. This job, too, is printed on HP Latex with green ink. The main unit is made using MDF (medium-density fibreboard) with digitally printed self-adhesive vinyl mounted on it. The fruit pieces are thermoformed. Special features include wood cutting, metal cutting and powder coating and thermoforming. 
In creating 50 units of Kerastase Gondola for L’Oreal India, the strategy was to create a unit to give a detailed brief of the product along with the Dell monitor screen. The job is printed on clear vinyl on an HP Latex. 
Nine units of Coca-Cola 4 Glass Island display were impressive. Since the unit is screen printed directly on the substrate and thermoformed, pre-press plays a crucial role. The four-colour images are screen-printed in 8x4-inches screen printing machine on clear PETG material on the reverse side of a semiautomatic machine with one colour at a time. In the end, high impact large format screen printing and high-depth thermoforming and fabrication come together to create a unique look of the product.
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