Indus Print notches 100 installations

Indus Analytics celebrates 100th installation of its Indus Print ERP, with the latest at Bhiwandi-based company Vyjack Printpack.

04 Dec 2020 | By Aultrin Vijay

Niten Shah, director at Vyjack

Indus Analytics has successfully made its 100th installation of Indus Print ERP at a new folding carton manufacturing company in Bhiwandi –Vyjack Printpack.

Vyjack Printpack is a joint venture between the promoters of Vyoma Graphics and New Jack Printing Press to make a swift entry into the folding carton packaging segment. The 50,000-sqft facility will commence production early next year in Bhiwandi. According to Niten Shah, director at Vyjack, it will cater to commercial printing as well as folding carton packaging business.

"It is very difficult for companies to design, develop, test and implement personalised ERP solutions due to complexities involved. That is why many of us are looking for specialised ERP solutions designed specifically as a template for our respective industries," said Shah.

He informed that his previous companies were accustomed to managing the workflow manually. "But in the new company (Vyjack) we wanted to implement the right ERP solution from the word go," Shah added.

Shah further added: "Indus Analytics have created a software, which can cater to different verticals and provides a solution to most of the business problems. At Vyjack, they were looking for solutions to handle our commercial as well as packaging jobs in one standard workflow.

"The product offered by Indus Analytics is capable of managing web-offset, sheet-fed offset, and flexographic printing processes." He also said that he was happy choosing the Indus Print for Vyjack, as "it is a right fit for our upcoming new venture".

According to Parmeshwar Patidar of Indus Analytics, the ERP has been incorporated with web development, application development and cloud computing solutions.

"Web development refers to building digital products that operate in web environments. It can be a simple website or a complex web application that includes dozens of services locked in a sophisticated architecture. Moreover, web development services can now deliver applications to mobile devices that feel native and work smoothly," Patidar said.

Meanwhile, he explained that application services focus on building software that perform on traditional desktop operating systems. Cloud computing is another key service offered by Indus Analytics.

"Today, businesses are starting to embrace cloud computing services and take advantage of networks of remote service servers hosted on the Internet to store and manage data. Software developers who deliver such services build solutions that integrate with cloud storage applications such as Amazon Web Services," he concluded.

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